Breast Cancer

Symptoms And Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer

I do not fell any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity.”
⦁    Angelina Jolie on getting a double mastectomy.


Breast cancer is cancer that occurs in the cells of the breast. It is the most common type of cancer, affecting 27% more than any kind of cancer. 1 in every 28 women has a susceptibility to develop breast cancer.
When we look at the rural side, the ratio is less compared to the urban side. In the rural area, it’s 1 in 60 women, while in the urban it’s 1 in 22 women.
It can affect any woman with any age, and with age, the risk factors of Breast cancer keeps on increasing.
It can also occur rarely in men.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

Symptoms of breast cancer can be seen on the breast and also in the adjacent area is expected. The most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer that can occur in breast cancer are as follows:

⦁    Lump in the breast or axillary (underarm) region.

⦁    Discharge from the nipple

⦁    Inverted nipple

⦁    Redness or swollen lymph nodes 

⦁    thickening of the skin

⦁    Hormonal imbalance 

⦁    Pain in the breast and any other related area

⦁    Change in the size or shape of the breast


Risk factors of Breast Cancer:

Risk factors of Breast cancer are the variable that is associated with an increased risk of developing that disease/infection. 
The associated risk factor for breast cancer is as follows:

⦁    Age: the risk of breast cancer increases with age. 

⦁    Inherited genetic mutations: inherited genetic mutations to genes like BRCA1 and BRCA2 can increase the risk factors of breast cancer.

⦁    Dense breast: as they have more connective tissue than fatty tissue. It also makes it difficult to detect on the mammograms. It can increase the risk factor of breast cancer by late detection of the lump or tumour.

⦁    Family history: breast cancer can always be genetic. Genes are the most commonly occurring risk factor of breast cancer.

⦁    The previous history of cancer or any other breast disease or infection can also be a risk factor of breast cancer.

Risk factors of Breast cancer that we can always change:

⦁    Exercise: Women who are not active are more likely to develop breast cancer.

⦁    Obesity/overweight: start increasing physical activity, especially for women after menopause.

⦁    Quit smoking and drinking

⦁    Oral contraceptives can also increase the risk of breast cancer.

⦁    Reproductive history: women who conceive at later ages should get themselves checked regularly.


What does a typical breast look like?

⦁    It can be a little lumpy sometimes, as some women naturally have a lumpy breast or it can be a benign water-filled cyst. You should get them checked regularly.

⦁    The skin is regular, flat, and it does not possess any kind of changes in colour or texture over time.

⦁    The temperature is warm, the same as the rest of your body. In case it feels hot, you should get it checked as it can be a sign of mastitis or any other infection.

⦁    There are no signs of any kind of discharge unless you’re pregnant, lactating or recently had a baby.

⦁    There is no pain, except at the time of PMS or any hormonal changes.

⦁    The axillary region, i.e. armpits, should also be checked regularly.


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