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Remedazo Patient centric services

What services are included?

Remedazo’s complete care package does think of everything. All of our team members speak fluent
English. They make up a permanent team dedicated to your journey; familiar faces whose sole aim is
to make your experience the best it can be.

Field Representative

Your field representative will assist with any necessary travel documents, accommodation, and
transportation, and be a permanent touch-point during your stay. This person will meet you at the
airport, together with a dedicated language assistant should you prefer to speak in a language other
than English. Your field representative will listen to your preferences and requirements as and when
you voice them for the duration of your stay. These can include options such as local transportation,
shopping services, menus, and administrative duties. Just let your field representative know what you want, and they will make it happen.

Language Assistant

When English is not your mother-tongue, or when you are not fluent in this language, we take further steps towards providing a transparent service by adding a dedicated language assistant to your care package. This person will help you to understand better information you receive and pass on your wishes and requirements to other team members. They will be available for all of your appointments and follow-ups, helping to make your visit problem-free and simplifying any contact moments.

Personal Physician

The next person in your care team is the Remedazo personal physician. This is a qualified physician dedicated to your medical care throughout your journey. He or she will get to know you, arming them with the knowledge to correctly supervise your treatment path, work together with your surgeon or specialist, represent your medical requirements, provide follow-ups, check billing and offer counsel for you and your family members or accompanying friends. The personal physician will also make sure the authorised doctor provides fit-for-travel certification to your flight home or any other official documents required by your place of employment.

Selected Specialist

Your independent physician is the doctor, specialist, or surgeon you selected to carry out your treatment. Remedazo only works with recognised hospital-affiliated medical professionals. Our personal physician coordinates your treatment plan with this independent physician, who in turn works according to the high standards Remedazo guarantees every one of its patients.

Additional Team Members

Additional services are easily incorporated into your complete care package. Our team can help you apply for a medical visa and those necessary for any accompanying family members or friends. Non-medical transport is arranged through a professional taxi company which only employs registered and licensed drivers. Twenty-four-hour nursing care is available through Remedazo-approved agencies – we take full responsibility for the service they provide. If you need medical assistance during the flight home, we can provide professional and experienced medical staff to accompany you. We will also meet you upon arrival at the airport with additional staff or medical transport if this ensures an extra level of comfort to your journey. All you have to do is let us know.

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Patient collections

Remedazo Patient centric services