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Is medical care abroad much cheaper than at home?

Most treatments and surgeries in India are far cheaper than the same procedures in the US, UK, and the Far East, even when you add the costs of transportation and accommodation. However, this does not at all reflect on the quality of service our patients receive.

All of the hospitals with whom Remedazo affiliates itself are fully-equipped and fully-staffed medical centers. They employ dedicated professionals with proven skills and experience and have all been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), having complied with numerous patient safety and health care quality international guidelines. Our waiting lists are very short, especially when compared to similar facilities in some European countries or Canada. For patients from the United States, whose medical insurance does not cover specific procedures or medical treatment, Remedazo prices can be as low as one-tenth of that of a local US health facility. Alternatively, your local medical professionals may not have the time to answer all of your questions, or you may not be given the opportunity to choose your physician. You may want to avoid being sent from department to department, communicating with a different doctor each time who may or may not have the time to read through your medical record. Works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community.

Of course, medical costs differ according to complexity, equipment, and recovery period. Out-patient surgery or diagnostics will usually be less expensive than a complex operation that requires longer-term monitoring, and an ICU stay. Your choice of accommodation can also make a significant difference to the total. Remedazo will be able to provide more detailed pricing after your free e-consultation. However, for a very rough guide to the type of costs you may or may not need to calculate, the table below gives an idea of the most common extras in $US. Based on your procedure and preferences, we can offer you a more accurate and personalised pricing guide.


Accommodation (per day)

Comfortable Hotel

30 - 60

Premium Hotel

70 - 140


Airport to Hospital Transport (one-way)


70 - 115


6 - 10


Per person, per meal

4 - 8

Medical Staff

Doctor’s visit (ICU) x 2

28 - 50

Dedicated Full-Time Nurse

21 - 28


7 - 20





In-Patient Bed (per 24 hours)


215 - 285

General Ward


Ventilator/Assisted Breathing

140 - 270


Medical Visa


Fit-to-Fly Certification


Medical Procedure

Kidney Transplant


Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting


Single Hip Replacement


Single Valve Replacement




Treatment at our partner JCI-approved clinics or hospitals via Remedazo’s patient-centric service is therefore often the safer option, the most comfortable, and the most logical, at a price you can afford

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