Coronavirus Treatment

Coronavirus Treatment at home by Remedazo

Remedazo (Pronounced Reme-Dazo) Represents two Words: Remedy And Azo.
Remedy refers to medicine or treatment that relieves or cures illness and we are here on the mission to remedy your every single need.
Azo means a “traveller”. It is important for us that you who come to us become an integral part of our name.

At Remedazo, we strongly believe that you have the right to excellent, affordable and ethical medical care. Our mission is to embrace a treatment that combines compassion, the finest quality of care and complete security.
We promise to turn a customary period of worry and stress into a smooth, safe and positive journey towards better and affordable healthcare.

Why coronavirus treatment at home?

As per government guidelines, confirmed mild cases of coronavirus do not require a hospital stay if they have the requisite facility of self-isolation, the coronavirus treatment can be done at home.

Our values:

Concentric values for concentric care

Our values form the Centre Point Of Our Service; Every Step Of Your Journey Is Protected By Them.

It’s all about you. Without your trust, input and feedback there is no Remedazo.

Communication stands central at Remedazo. Together, we achieve the best results. We have an effective team that wants to learn and communicate about and with you.

We know true competence requires a continuous learning curve and practice. We deliver competence to practice. In every aspect of our work from medical care through to administration and logistics.

Guidelines for home isolation:


According to the ministry of health and family welfare, the following is the eligibility criteria for home isolation:
⦁    The person should be clinically proven to be the case of a presymptomatic or very mild symptom.
⦁    They should have a separate room for the patient and other family members along with an attached washroom to facilitate the quarantine of both patient and family.
⦁    The caregiver should be available 24X7 to provide the support and look after the patient.
⦁    The caregiver and all close contacts of such cases should take Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis as per protocol and as prescribed by the treating medical officer.
⦁    The patient will always agree to monitor his/her health regularly and the report should be updated to the District Surveillance Officer for further follow up by the surveillance teams.

Exact need to seek medical attention:

⦁    Difficulty in breathing 
⦁    Continuous pain/pressure in the chest
⦁    Presence of Cyanosis: developing the bluish discolouration on lip/face etc.

Guidelines to discontinue home isolation/quarantine:

Home isolation period should be 17 days and this period will start after the onset of symptoms and end exactly after 17 days along with no fever for 10 days.
Once the home isolation/ quarantine is over there’s no need for testing.

Why Remedazo for Coronavirus treatment at home?


⦁    Finest quality of care
Remedazo’s aim is to provide a sense of relief whenever our patients decide to put their health in our hand.

⦁    Transparency 
Always keep you fully informed of every option in a language you understand. Transparency is an ethical choice which every service should embrace.

⦁    Dedicated team
We can ensure your complete peace of mind right from the very start of your treatment journey with us from a primary care physician to comfort and calm to your mental health, that too at your doorstep.

⦁    Privacy
Our mission is to embrace a treatment that combines compassion, the finest quality of care and complete security.

⦁    Personalised care
We also provide you with the space to do your own research, write down the questions and let us know your expectations. We will encourage you to know more about the treatment options that are good for you.

⦁    Affordable healthcare 
We promise to turn a customary period of worry and stress into a smooth, safe and positive journey towards better and affordable healthcare.

Remedazo Coronavirus treatment at home in Delhi-NCR:

⦁    Vitals monitoring and critical alert response 
It is essential to stay updated on the status of a patient's vital functions. It consists of accurate measurements of body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.

⦁    Doctor E consultation on day 1 and day 8 (internal medicine, pulmonologist and intensive care)
These specialists basically prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in which they are completely specialised in from short term care to long term treatment.

⦁    COVID kits
We provide Spo2, BP, mask, gloves, N95 masks and PPE kits for the protection of patients, their family, caregivers and the doctors present.

⦁    Investigation and COVID19 tests at home
Our trained and certified pathologist will reach you at your comfort zone with all the equipment for the test.

⦁    Medicine delivery with contactless and cashless
Medicine will be delivered with all the safety measures so that there’s no contact between the patient or anyone else.

⦁    ECG and chest x-ray at home
A portable machine will be transported to the patient’s home along with a trained and certified technician with complete protection.

⦁    Ambulance and emergency services 
In case of any medical emergencies like Difficulty in breathing, Continuous pain/pressure in the chest, Presence of Cyanosis: developing the bluish discolouration on lip/face etc. will be provided for patient’s transport.

⦁    Dietician consultant 
It is important to know the kind of diet a patient should be taking, also the family who needs to improve their immune system for the prevention of the disease.

⦁    Family consultation for COVID care and safety of other family members
Proper family consultation about the family, all the do’s and don'ts will be provided to the family.

⦁    Psychological counselling 
With covid-19 everyone has developed a phobia of this disease. You should know how to take care of the anxiety and stress. We not only deal with physical care but we can also provide you someone to look after your mental health.

⦁    Daily nursing care for COVID19 patients
Our primary goal is to provide the best quality of healthcare services at home setting which can minimize your dependency on the hospitals.

⦁    Medical equipment and intensive care at home
Our main aim is to provide you with your comfort zone. IV stand, para monitor, oxygen cylinder, suction machine, alpha mattress, nebulizer, DVT pump etc all that you need will be at your doorstep.

⦁    Home safety equipment for fall prevention.
Falls are one the leading causes of serious injuries especially in elderly. We also provide all the safety equipment regarding that.

We are all well aware of the fact that there’s a daily increase in the number of COVID19 cases in India at a very high rate. People are getting infected and the number of cases everyday is reaching the sky limit.

Hospitals are full, medical and trauma centres are full. In this case where do you think is the best option to keep your loved one safe?

Home! Because there’s no place safer than that.

Other than that, PRECAUTION IS  ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. It is said that the chances of getting exposed to the virus is only 3% if you’re wearing a mask and maintaining social distance compared to 17% if you did not. So, Washing hands, using a sanitizer, maintaining social distance, staying at home, eating healthy, drinking water, taking care of hygiene, not panicking and taking care of your both physical and mental health are the basic guidelines to follow.

Together we can fight the virus. 
Stay home, stay safe.


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