Orthopaedic surgery

From younger populations with unconventional bone growth to older generations suffering from joint pain, orthopaedic surgery is often the curative answer. The musculoskeletal system is essential for the human body’s incredible range of motion, its strength and endurance. Any malformation, disease or degeneration to this system should be treated in an as early as stage as possible. While it is possible to reduce the onset of joint degeneration through lifestyle changes, once symptoms occur these need to be resolved through something more than pain medication and nutritional supplements.

Remedazo partners with orthopaedic specialists who focus on a limited area of the anatomy to ensure the highest levels of experience and knowledge. We can put you in touch with world-renowned shoulder, elbow, hand, spine, hip, knee and foot experts who will offer an honest opinion as to the best treatment options for your musculoskeletal problem. We also include sports medicine specialists within this list. Realistic and positive outcomes require you to be in experienced hands; your chosen physician should listen to your concerns and advise the right solutions based upon your individual needs, expectations, activity levels, bone density, health levels and age. While many people suffering from joint pain put off surgery until pain is unbearable, practically all of them admit to wishing they had undergone this treatment at a much earlier stage. 

A great percentage of orthopaedic surgeries are emergencies (bone fractures); however, other patients are usually given the opportunity to plan their surgery. This means they have time to find the best orthopaedic surgeon and the best hospital. With Remedazo, you can speak personally with three proven experts during your free Second Opinion. As all of our partner hospitals are accredited, fully-equipped and modern institutions of excellence, you will probably only need to base your choice upon a preferred region.

Using improved diagnostics that include the safest combination of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, your selected orthopaedic surgeon is able to produce a 3D image of your bone or joint that further simplifies your surgery. With high-quality prosthetics, smaller incisions and modern pharmaceuticals, the associated complications of blood loss, postoperative pain and scarring are kept to an absolute minimum. For many procedures there is no need for a full anaesthetic. 

As part of your Remedazo concentric care package, all revalidation is arranged both in the comfort of your own selected accommodation and during hospital visits. We pay attention to the smallest details, from sourcing ground-floor accommodation with accessible facilities to comfortable modes of transportation. Full catering services are available, as is personal nursing care. Bring family members or friends – we will ensure their complete comfort, too.

In the meantime, you can learn much more about what to expect from various orthopaedic surgeries - from preparation to aftercare - by clicking on the relevant link below:

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  • Total knee replacement

  • Hip joint replacement

Request your free Second Opinion and speak personally with up to three orthopaedic specialists. Start and finish your orthopaedic treatment journey with us, where empathy, expertise and a desire to fulfill your requests and needs always take priority.

Is your chosen surgery or treatment not on the list? Remedazo is sure to know one or more experienced cosmetic specialists for your specific needs. All you need to do is ask. Send a mail to contact@remedazo.com or call +919650340691 and we will locate the right experts for your free Second Opinion.


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