Heart and vascular treatment

Newer and safer heart and vascular surgeries are proving extremely advantageous for those suffering from the broad variety of cardiovascular disorders. Treatments spanning congenital heart defects to the long-term effects of atherosclerosis can offer a new lease of life to a great number of sufferers. Remedazo provides an all-encompassing concentric care package that promises the best possible cardiovascular treatment for all of its patient partners, young and old.

Naturally, placing yourself in the experienced hands of a specialist - one who listens to your concerns and advises the right solutions based upon your or your child’s individual needs - is essential. As importantly is this expert’s access to the right equipment – cardiovascular treatment rooms have become extremely specialised environments that come equipped with powerful imaging equipment, professional and highly-knowledgeable nursing teams and the most advanced materials. Remedazo ensures its patient partners have access to accredited medical facilities that are able to provide all of the above; what is more, we only partner with doctors who possess the essential work ethic that combines skills, experience and up to date knowledge with empathy and excellent communication skills. 

Heart conditions make it difficult to get the most out of what life has to offer; you are constantly tired and quickly out of breath. Certain activities can cause uncomfortable tightness of the chest. The risk of developing a heart attack or stroke is significantly increased. Thanks to continuous research, a range of pharmaceutical therapies can reduce these symptoms. Yet to return to regular activity it is often necessary to undergo more invasive therapy such as an angioplasty or even a coronary artery bypass. You will find links explaining these surgeries and more further on.

For parents, a young child diagnosed with a congenital heart defect is a worrying and frightening experience. Thankfully, paediatric heart specialists are able to treat the great majority of defects in this fragile population. Knowing your child is being treated in a well-equipped environment with an experienced team that knows not only how to medically treat but also how to soothe and comfort your little one brings great peace of mind. Remedazo can arrange every aspect of your child’s medical journey, catering for you and other family members during his or her treatment and recovery.

Vascular and heart surgery techniques have come a long way in recent years and the trend is now turning towards minimally invasive techniques that insert catheters via a small incision in the groin to access blocked arteries or even the heart. As many of these methods and the equipment to carry them out are new, finding equipped hospitals, as well as surgeons with knowledge and expertise, can be difficult. Remedazo is proud to work with numerous specialist cardiovascular surgeons who have traveled the globe to learn the latest techniques. These include robotic-assisted heart surgery and off-pump coronary bypass surgeries. With Remedazo, you know you are in the hands of a professional and empathic team. We introduce our patient partners to a continuously growing list of cardiovascular experts who believe in informative, personalized and concentric care. Furthermore, our partner hospitals are accredited, modern and renowned for medical excellence.

In the meantime, you can learn much more about what to expect from various cardiovascular surgeries - from preparation to aftercare - by clicking on the relevant link below:

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  • Heart bypass (coronary artery bypass graft) surgery

  • Heart valve replacement

Request your free Second Opinion today and speak personally with up to three cardiovascular specialists. Start and finish your treatment journey with us, where empathy, expertise and a desire to fulfill your requests and needs always take priority.

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