Fertility treatment

Approximately one in eight couples finds it hard to produce children. It is often difficult to find a single cause; in cases where the cause is known, fertility treatment may be enough to make your dream of having children of your own come true. For those couples unable to produce a child between them, the intricacies of in vitro fertilization surrogacy law need to be made clear and understandable for everyone involved. Remedazo works with excellent reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) doctors, as well as with legal medical institutions abroad that excel in the field of IVF surrogacy and acknowledge full guardianship of the intending parents.

Making the decision to start in vitro fertilization is usually easy; the chance of having your own children is motivation enough. Yet this sometimes long journey is an emotional one and a strong support system possessing full understanding of the psychological hardship both parents must go through is essential. Successful IVF is reason enough to undergo any anxiety and the IVF live birth rate for women under 35 years of age who start their first cycle is 40%. This figure can vary greatly between different clinics and it is therefore important to ask for live birth rates rather than pregnancy rates. Remedazo will give you a list of the highest live birth rate facilities in which our partner REI specialists work.

Realistic and positive outcomes require you to be in the experienced hands of a specialist; one who listens to your concerns and tells you honestly how likely IVF is to succeed. If necessary, we can arrange vasectomy and tubal ligation reversal surgery with experienced gynaecologists. Where IVF success is improbable, Remedazo can advise you as regards IVF surrogacy.

Any in vitro fertilization cycle requires significant time with regular follow-ups. For those seeking IVF by way of a medical tourism journey, we recommend comfortable long-term stays in stunning and relaxing surroundings. Naturally, Remedazo will arrange accommodation based upon your budget. We also understand the importance of timing; your appointments and transport will be arranged promptly for every clinic visit.

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