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How Long Does It Take?

We endeavour to arrange your Medical Second Opinion as quickly as we can; however, the exact timescale depends upon the availability of the specialist selected to review your case. Remedazo will usually provide a Medical Second Opinion session within 24 hours of receiving your medical records. Please note: the Medical Second Opinion service does not apply to medical emergencies or provide treatment guidance for currently hospitalized patients.

How Does It Work?

Remedazo’s Medical Second Opinion process is a simple one. Simply supply us with information regarding your particular medical condition together with your medical history and applicable medical records. Our physician will review your supplied information and recommend the right specialist. The Remedazo team will then send you an email with the details of your free e-consultation.

It is sometimes necessary to gather additional medical information in response to information shared during an initial consultation. This is done in order to clarify any part of your medical history that may be unclear.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What are the benefits of a Medical Second Opinion?

Most people are used to getting a second opinion online. We check reviews, look at other websites or compare products. When it comes to something as important as your health a second opinion is an opportunity that should not be missed. Remedazo offers a free online Medical Second Opinion service for all.

What conditions are covered by the Medical Second Opinion service?

We cater for the treatments and surgical procedures of a broad range of conditions, all of which can be found on the relevant pages.

It is possible that an alternative and preferable treatment is available for your particular need, in which case our Medical Second Opinion is an extremely useful service. A free opportunity to review your level of health and discuss ways to improve it with a medical professional should certainly not be ignored.

Is your online Medical Second Opinion free?

Your Remedazo Second Opinion is completely free. Why? Our Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem relies on ensuring you are fully informed throughout your medical tourism journey, even before you step out of the door.Our free Medical Second Opinion is just one of the ways in which we can achieve this important goal.

What do I do once I have received my Medical Second Opinion?

Often, a second opinion is very similar to the first and simply serves to make us even surer of the steps we need to take. It is then time to contact Remedazo to discuss how our Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem can achieve your health-related goals. We will introduce you to specialists experienced in the applicable field and start to put together a Total Care package that is perfectly attuned to your needs.

What if the Medical Second Opinion differs from the original diagnosis and treatment plan?

It is possible to receive more than one diagnosis, especially when symptoms overlap. A different diagnosis or treatment path gives you the opportunity to look at your health from a new perspective; however, we understand that this may also be confusing. Remedazo offers all of its clients the opportunity to attend three free e-consults. This gives you time to consider new information as well as receive helpful advice from three specialists. In addition, each e-consult is arranged by a Remedazo representative residing in your home state or country.

Will my medical records remain private?

We have complete respect for your privacy. Medical records are only viewed by your choice of medical professional. Medical data sent to Remedazoremains secure and confidential at all times.

Your personal Remedazophysician will advise the non-medical part of your personal team concerning your specific needs without compromising on confidentiality.

Is it my responsibility to collect my medical records?

Our team is only able to offer you a Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem based on the information you provide. Naturally, the more our physicians know, the better they can provide a diagnosis or treatment path; the more the non-medical side of the team know about you, the more personalised the service. This is why we provide up tothreefree e-consults with practicing physicians from our selected hospitals. A Remedazo representative locatedin your home state or country is continuously available to help arrange your e-consults andadvise you as to which medical records are required. With this service, we ensure a seamless follow-through concerning your personal medical data.

How many times can I use the Medical Second Opinion service?

Generally, a single Medical Second Opinion is enough to confirm a diagnosis or treatment plan. However, we understand that a second opinion which differs from the original can be a source of confusion. When it comes to our health, the more we know the better. Remedazo clients are therefore given the near-unique opportunity to attend three free e-consultations with specialist physicians.

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