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Why Remedazo?

Why Remedazo?

Remedazo’s goal is to provide a sense of relief and complete peace of mind whenever our patient partners put their health into our hands.
We are raising the standards of medical tourism with our skilled, empathic and holistic approach.


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What we do?

At Remedazo, your medical journey is arranged according to your physical, psychological and emotional needs.
Whether you prefer not to lift a fingeror would like to combine treatment with a cultural visit, our excellent teams have theexperience,
the know-how and the will to make it happen.



When you register with Remedazo, you will be given a free e-consul...

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Personal Physician

The Remedazo medical team is united in its belief that continuous care is...

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The Remedazo experience does not end as your make your way back home...

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Medical Legal Support

Remedazo has you fully covered in every aspect of your care, including...

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Connected Healthcare ecosystem

A Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem Travelling abroad for medical care should never be a step in the dark. That is why Remedazo has created a Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem that begins from your first contact moment. Step by step, we work together to arrange a faultless journey attuned to your needs. Your personal team integrates every aspect of your stay, treatment and recovery within a single package, taking away the need for unnecessary stress and paperwork. Remedazo’s ability to provide personalised essential and non-essential services means your medical tourism journey is never a leap of faith but a thoroughly informed and carefully calculated decision. Collaboration – A Fundamental Value in Your Medical Tourism Journey

Collaborative healthcare requires open communication between patient and caregiver. A collaborative Continuous Connected Healthcare Ecosystem adds a further channel of communication – your environment. As far as we are concerned, patient collaboration does not simply mean your choice of medical facility or physician, it also means respecting every one of your preferences as regards travel preparation, accommodation, ease of communication and transportation.

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How does Remedazo see me? As a patient or as a partner?

As A Remedazo Patient, You Are Automatically Our Partner. While Some Of Our Patients Will Ask Us To Take Care Of Things After An Initial Chat, Others Want To Be More In Control. In The End, Everyone Is Different, And Everyone Has Their Own Ideas Of What A Medical Tourism Experience Should Be. We Understand This And Fine-Tune Our Services According To Your Preferences. READ MORE

What does a patient-centric ecosystem mean?

In The Current Medical Tourism Environment, Finding A Complete Service That Caters For Individuals Is Not As Common As It Should Be. Our Mission Is To Change The Medical Tourism Industry By Viewing The Journey From The Patient’s Perspective. This Means Not Only Concentrating On The Patient’s Physical Requirement, But Everything Else – Travel Arrangements, A Place To Stay, Meals, Accompanying Family And Or Friends, And Information About The Location Itself. In Short, We Are Providing Empathic Solutions In Response To Your Queries. This Can’t Be Done With A Generalised Approach, But Must Be Completely Personalised To Both The Treatment Type And The Character Of The Patient. READ MORE

What Services Are Included?

Remedazo’s Complete Care Package Does Think Of Everything. All Of Our Team Members Speak Fluent English. They Make Up A Permanent Team Dedicated To Your Journey; Familiar Faces Whose Sole Aim Is To Make Your Experience The Best It Can Be. READ MORE

Is medical care abroad much cheaper than at home?

Most Treatments And Surgeries In India Are Far Cheaper Than The Same Procedures In The US, UK, And The Far East, Even When You Add The Costs Of Transportation And Accommodation. However, This Does Not At All Reflect On The Quality Of Service Our Patients Receive. READ MORE

How to Choose a Good Doctor?

Finding A Good Doctor Is Essential, Whether You Are Receiving Treatment At Home Or Travelling Abroad. A Doctor Who Truly Cares About His Or Her Patient Is Not Hard To Find, And The Process Is Made Easier If You Follow These Steps. READ MORE

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